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Travel Insurance

It is always wise to make sure you have travel insurance before going abroad. We recommend you take out insurance for the whole family if you can.

Travel Information

Keep up to date with travel information. Ensure you have a stress free experience by making sure you know about any delays before they affect you

Hot Travel destinations

A variety of destination countries all around the globe reported double-digit growth rates in the first three to five months of 2008, among which in Asia and the Pacific: China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Macao (China), Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Fiji, India and Nepal; in the Americas: the USA, Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, Peru and Uruguay; in Europe: Sweden, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Malta, Montenegro and Turkey; and in Africa and the Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco.

Top Travel destinations

The world top tourist travel destinations include: France, Spain, United States, China, Itally, United Kingdom, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Austria, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, Poland, Hong Kong, Greece, Hungary, Thailand, Portugal, Netherlands, Saudia Arabia, Macao, Croatia and Egypt.
International tourism grew at around 5% during the first four months of 2008. Uncertainty over the global economic situation is affecting consumer confidence and could hurt tourism demand.
There are almost 100 million tourist journeys a year.

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